Maratha Advance in Bundelkhand

Chapter Extract from “Peshwa Bajirao I & Maratha Expansion” by V. G. Dighe (M. A., Ph. D.); Karnatak Publishing House, Bombay – 2, 1944   Chapter 8: Maratha Advance in Bundelkhand While the Malwa operations were progressing satisfactorily (1728-29), the Peshwa embarked on another bold enterprise. The annual expeditions into Malwa, Khandesh, and Gujarat necessitated … Continue reading Maratha Advance in Bundelkhand

Link | Role of Mansabdari and Jagirdari System During Mughal Empire

The Mansabdari system is often considered to be the cause of the Mughal Empire’s decline. It was a complex system of assigning grants to nobility and a means of effective tax collection as well as remuneration. The Mansabdars were appointed to all civil and military posts except that of judiciary, and the positions like wazir, … Continue reading Link | Role of Mansabdari and Jagirdari System During Mughal Empire

Link | Monson’s Retreat: India,1804

An interesting account of the disastrous retreat of Lieutenant Colonel William Monson, often referred to as “one of the greatest and most disgraceful setbacks to the British military reputation in India.” “Lieutenant General Lord Gerald Lake (1744-1808; commander-in-chief in India from 1801 to 1805) and Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852; the future Duke of Wellington), in command … Continue reading Link | Monson’s Retreat: India,1804

Preface by the Author

Preface, by the Author: Rise of the Maratha Power; MG Ranade IT WAS IN the first quarter of the seventeenth century that two apparently insignificant events occurred on the Western Coast of India — the establishment of an English Factory at Surat in 1612, and the birth in 1627 at Shivner near Junnar of a son to a petty … Continue reading Preface by the Author